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Healthcare Providers are increasingly aware of the possibilities of violence in the workplace. Several resources are available for providers and facilities.
Department of Homeland Security:
American College of Emergency Physicians:


June 1st marks the beginning of hurricane season for the Eastern United States.

Are you ready for a Hurricane Emergency?

First assure the safety of your family and property.
  • You can better respond to a disaster if you know that your family is safe.
Have a response plan prepared for your practice.
  • When will you close and open your practice?
  • How will you coordinate staffing?
  • How will you protect your paper and electronic records?
  • Is there sufficient insurance coverage for the physical assets of the practice?
  • Is there business interruption coverage?

Register with JPAlert
  • Consider registering with the JumpStart Business Community Network to communicate with your patients in the event of an evacuation. Create a profile on

Assist your patients, especially the frail, elderly, or oxygen dependent.
  • Ask them about their plans. Will they evacuate, shelter at home or need a shelter? Remind your patients to keep a two-week supply of chronic medications.

Re-entry following an Evacuation:
  • Have you obtained a reentry placard to return to your practice following a hurricane evacuation? If not, visit to apply
  • If you are not expected at the hospital, consider volunteering at a special care shelter. Both Jefferson and Orleans Parish have established a Medical Reserve Core where you or members of your family or office staff can register to assist the returning population following an evacuation.
Contact JPMS for more information (504) 455-8282 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
CLICK HERE to visit LSMS’ Health Care Disaster Planning Website.